Matthew Giassa, MASc, BASc, EIT

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The author:

In addition to over a decade’s experience in software development, circuit design, IT and networking, I have been designing systems for more than fifteen years now. This has involved the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards, firmware development in assembly, C, and C++, and real-time debugging through the use of simulators and JTAG debuggers.

This has resulted in me building complete devices that involve IR/RF interfaces, motor/solenoid operation, physical feedback control systems, CMOS cameras, audio playback and sampling, hard disk and SD card access, and network interfaces. It has also required writing core operating system code, protocol stacks, file system drivers, and low-level signal processing logic for the various components in the final system.

I began C and Linux kernel development at age 12 on an old 486-66DX2 my dad and I rebuilt, and even developed my first Linux kernel modules/drivers before entering high school. I started my own hardware tweaking and design business to supplement my day job to put myself through university for my undergraduate degree, and managed to progress from a coop student employee to a lead IT specialist with the same company during my studies. My friends and I even sold off our capstone engineering project as commercial intellectual property, finishing our undergraduate programs with a bang.

I have since managed to put myself through a full-time graduate engineering program while balancing a full-time engineering job and family life. To this day, I continue to take part in independent research on ARM technology, along with pursuing my PhD studies in biomedical engineering, and working towards earning my Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) designation.



This site:

This is my personal blog. Here you can find out about past and current engineering projects of mine. The site is also intended to provide tutorials on various engineering-related subjects, including image processing, embedded design, and my current hobbies. It is NOT designed to help people skip through homework assignments by simply copying-and-pasting my code and passing it off as your own work.

Please note that for the image processing tutorials I provide, the goal is to make them as simple as possible so that people may understand the underlying logic they employ. I have intentionally left out various checks in my code so that my sample applications cannot simply be rewritten in moments and passed off as a homework assignment.

All images (C) 2016 Matthew Giassa <matthew@giassa.net>


The code and algorithms on this site:

Any and all source code made publicly available on my web site, giassa.net, is free for anyone to use for educational and non-commercial use. All code is original, independent work, and is provided “as-is”, with no warrantly, implied or otherwise.


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