Donating Microchip PIC32mx/PIC24F Chips + Headers to SFU Students in ENSC305 / ENSC440

Good day ladies and gents,


As part of independent work, I have hand-soldered and tested (at 40 minutes per chip) a bunch of the following chips to SMT (surface mount) to through-hole (ie: SPDIP) adapters with Microchip PIC chips. I now have several spares of the following:

  • PIC24FJ64GB002 (16MHz, 28 pins, USB HOST/OTG capable)
  • PIC32mx695F512H (80MHz@120DMIPS, 64 pins, USB, Ethernet, CANBUS)
  • PIC32mx795F512l (80MHz@120DMIPS, 100 pins, USB, Ethernet, CANBUS, PMP)

In any case, my colleagues/friends and I used Microchip PICs for our SFU ENSC305/ENSC440 capstone project (a micro embedded HTTP/FTP server with AJAX support connected to an RF modulator to gather data from wireless solar panel charge controllers) so I’m offering a number of these chips + adapters to any SFU Engineering students taking part in their capstone semester.

Microchip Technologies was courteous enough to provide free samples (free shipping too), so regardless of the $20/adapter cost from (pretty fair, really), I’m aiming to donate these chips + adapters to any SFU students who may make use of them for their major projects. For those who haven’t yet setup a PIC18/PIC24 system on a solderless breadboard from scratch, it’s worth learning how to do this (who needs a demo/test board anyhow?).

Hand-soldered processors


Website Overhaul

I realize it has been a looooooong time since the last update. I have been effectively putting in my usual 80+ hours per week between work and school (only a couple more months from that Masters of Applied Science), but I’m getting some downtime soon, and am looking forward to bringing the image processing tutorials back online (several StackOverflow posts link here, so I think it’s definitely worth the updates to the code). I pretty much just have to convert from C-style start-index-at-zero indexing to  MATLAB index-start-at-one indexing, and it’s all set for the code examples.


Have a great winter everyone!

A conference paper

Sadaphal, Pankaj; Shuo Liu, Matthew Giassa, Mirza Faisal Beg.
“Retooling and Improvement of Routine Smear Microscopy using Image Processing Algorithms”, ICGEB International Tuberculosis Symposium, Dec. 16th, 2010, New Delhi, India

More Image Procession Tutorials

I’ve been working on a few papers lately, and had to take some time off of working on the site. Before the summer is up, I’m aiming to put up several tutorials on Fourier domain filtering with respect to images, along with some sample applications in MATLAB to play around with.

On another note, finally have my iron ring as of last month!!!