Donating Microchip PIC32mx/PIC24F Chips + Headers to SFU Students in ENSC305 / ENSC440

Good day ladies and gents,


As part of independent work, I have hand-soldered and tested (at 40 minutes per chip) a bunch of the following chips to SMT (surface mount) to through-hole (ie: SPDIP) adapters with Microchip PIC chips. I now have several spares of the following:

  • PIC24FJ64GB002 (16MHz, 28 pins, USB HOST/OTG capable)
  • PIC32mx695F512H (80MHz@120DMIPS, 64 pins, USB, Ethernet, CANBUS)
  • PIC32mx795F512l (80MHz@120DMIPS, 100 pins, USB, Ethernet, CANBUS, PMP)

In any case, my colleagues/friends and I used Microchip PICs for our SFU ENSC305/ENSC440 capstone project (a micro embedded HTTP/FTP server with AJAX support connected to an RF modulator to gather data from wireless solar panel charge controllers) so I’m offering a number of these chips + adapters to any SFU Engineering students taking part in their capstone semester.

Microchip Technologies was courteous enough to provide free samples (free shipping too), so regardless of the $20/adapter cost from (pretty fair, really), I’m aiming to donate these chips + adapters to any SFU students who may make use of them for their major projects. For those who haven’t yet setup a PIC18/PIC24 system on a solderless breadboard from scratch, it’s worth learning how to do this (who needs a demo/test board anyhow?).

Hand-soldered processors