PIC24F Tutorials Resumed

Amidst e-mails from colleagues, classmates, and people reading this blog, I will resume my PIC24F tutorial by early February, and will manage to get at least 5 major sections completed. By the time my PIC24F tutorial are done, they should serve as a complete, concise, and detailed tutorial on learning how to program PICs from the ground up so that any reader can build A/V, system processing, and generic microcontroller circuits.

Also, by April you should see some of my major projects, source code and all, provided through the PIC24F tutuorials. These are provided royalty-free in hopes that they help others gain a significant background in designing any project from the ground-up: be it a simple thermometer circuit that can communicate via USB to your PC and send you SMS text messages to your phone, to a web server the size of a penny that can be carried around in your pocket.