ThunderVoice Plugin Nearing Completion; Releasing ThunderBird-Java Connectivity Tutorial

My ThunderVoice extension for Mozilla Thunderbird, as the post heading mentions, is almost complete. I should be releasing the XPI file within the month for others to enjoy, and will be submitting it for review so that it can be found via the Mozilla Plugin Finder. The final result is a quick, lightweight, and easy-to-use plugin that records audio samples, compresses them as MP3 files, and attaches them to the current message, regardless of whether you are composing a new message or replying-to or forwarding an existing one.

Two other neat features: it’s completely open-source (GPL’ed), and works on both Windows (XP, 7 tested) and Linux (Slackware 12.2 and 13.0 tested, so it should work on just about any other distro with little effort). Also, I’ll be re-writing the project later so that it can be used as a “template” extension so people like myself, who have much more experience with Java than designing Mozilla plugins, can rapidly connect their own applet to Thunderbird and Firefox with relative ease.

Now off to receive my iron ring!